Ken McIntosh



The term blacksmith refers back on a time when hand craftsmanship was all there was. Metal, Stone and Glass workers helped to improve our quality of life. We try to honour that history as we create one of a kind pieces of wearable art, often called "jewellery". A "team", in our case a husband and wife team, bring together organizational skills as well as design and creative skills. Our desire is to grow in our individual talents, as we combine them to create ever more interesting work. The hope is these one of a kind pieces of jewellery will to be worn and enjoyed by others for years to come.

Dixie Cutler


 Dixie  enjoyed a successful career as a publicist in BC’s film and television industry but writing press releases and arranging actor interviews left her craving a creative outlet. In the 1990s, she took a jewelery making course and fell in love with silver and stones. An artisan jeweller was born.

A floating home and studio on the Fraser River fed her love of light and texture. Many of her handcrafted pieces reflect the river’s ever-shifting surface. Hammered silver mimics rain-dappled water. Reticulated surfaces are rough, like storm-driven waves, and a smooth, polished finish evokes calm nights when the water perfectly mirrors nearby lights.

Robin Adams


 Robin has a background in both Retail Jewellery Sales and Gem and Mineral Education.  He has a certificate in Mineralogy from the Canadian Bureau of Mines and Energy and a certificate in Colored Stones from the European Gemological Society.

Starting in Lapidary work, he progressed to Professional Jeweller as a salesman or Manager in a number of shops in Vancouver, BC as well as his own shops previously in both Portland, Oregon, and Downtown Vancouver.

Now semi-retired and on becoming an Artisan Jeweller, he is currently the Vice President of the Creative Jewellers Guild of BC; has been a contributing member of CMAG (Creative Metal Arts Guild), and has current membership in VMAA (Vancouver Metal Arts Association) and the Richmond Gem and Mineral Society.